Personal blood alcohol tester

Brand : Greenwon

Product origin : Shenzhen,China

Delivery time : 2 ~ 3 weeks after payment

Supply capacity : 100000 pieces per month

Major technical parameters:

Product model


Sensor type

semiconductor alcohol sensor

Measurement range

0.000~0.199% BAC; 0.000~1.990‰ BAC;

0.000~0.995mg/L (BrAC)

Warm up time



±0.010% BAC

Power input

3 AAA alkali batteries

Working temperature


Unit dimensions


Unit weight

Approx. 75g


1. Use high precision and sensitive semiconductor sensor

2. 2.0’ lattice black screen with red digital display

3. 3 test units (%BAC, ‰BA C, mg/L) to be selected

4. Three LED display simultaneously

5. Loud alarm sounds

6. Quick response and resume

7. Auto power off


1. Take a test at least 20 minutes after drinking, as it will take about 20 minutes for alcohol to be absorbed from the digestive system into the bloodstream. Take the test immediately after drinking, the results will only reflect the alcohol concentration in your mouth, rather than alcohol concentration contained in the blood.

2. To enable an accurate test results, please take the test 20 minutes after drinking, preferably, the testing time shall be more than 3 minutes after the last test.

3. Do not clean the tester with direct use of chemicals or fluid containing dissolved corrosive matters, to avoid the liquid being blown into the inflatable tube.

4. If the rudimental air in tester is very thick, the next test result will not be displayed, please shaking slightly for several times so that the inside air can be volatilized out.

5. If under an environment with high concentration of gas, the tester will not work properly.

6. If the test is under low voltage, there will be some deviation between the test values and real values.

7. Is strictly prohibited that the tester was placed and used under a closed environment with paint, pesticides, alcohol and other corrosive gases or polluted air.

8. Unauthorized repairs and damages to internal parts will lead to product failure.

9. After being used for a long time, there may be dirt on the tester, clean it with a cloth.

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