Dual LCD digital alcohol tester

Brand : Greenwon

Product origin : Shenzhen,China

Delivery time : 2 ~ 3 weeks after payment

Supply capacity : 100000 pieces per month

Technical Parameters:

Sensors: High Precision Semiconductor Alcohol Sensor

Detection Range: 0.000-0.199% BAC

0.000-1.9g / L

Alarm Point: 0.050% BAC 0.500 ‰ BAC

0.250 mg / L BrAC

Accuracy: -0.01 to + 0.020% BAC (at 0.05 test point)

Response Time: <5s

Warm-up Time: <10s

Operating Voltage: 2 AAA (AAA) alkaline batteries

Working Current ≤ 120mA

Working Environment: 5 ℃ -40 ℃


Package Include:

Alcohol T ester*1pcs


Product Size: 119 * 31 * 22mm


1. Test at least 20 minutes after the drink, because alcohol from the digestive system to absorb the blood about 20 minutes. Drink immediately test, the results can only reflect the mouth of the alcohol concentration, rather than the blood contained in the concentration of alcohol.

2. Do not directly use chemical or corrosive solution to wipe the product, to avoid the flow of liquid into the trachea.

3. If the product is in a high concentration of gas, the product will not work properly.

4. If the residual gas in the machine is too strong, the product will not show the results at the next test. Please lightly throw the product a few times to let the inside of the product evaporate.

5. If the test is carried out at low battery level, there will be a deviation between the test value and the true value.

6. Is strictly prohibited in the paint, pesticides, alcohol and other corrosive gases or air pollution in the closed environment and use.

7. Unauthorized repair and damage to internal parts can cause product malfunction.

    A large number of statistical studies have shown that if the subjects were breathing after a moderate intensity of breath for more than three seconds, then exhaled gas is out from the lungs out of the gas, the breath of alcohol content is the blood Of the alcohol neighborhood.

   0.05% BAC means that 100 ml of blood contains 0.05 g of alcohol content.

   0.500% BAC refers to 1000 ml of blood containing 0.5 grams of alcohol content.

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